From the Bishop


For many people Lent and the sacrifices they make are no more than a small part of life. We pray that what we sacrifice during Lent will change our lives. And for the forty days our lives do change. But these changes need to last more then just the Lenten season. The sacrifices we make today should change us for a lifetime. They should lead us from suffering into the joy of Easter. Our awareness of Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice should become part of our life. For without the suffering of the Cross there is no joy in the Resurrection. It is the hope of the Resurrection that teaches us how to act in this life and with others that we meet along the way.

Mother Teresa reminds us “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” The small things we sacrifice can affect us in profound ways. Each day during Lent we feel a bit closer to our Lord as we follow his suffering in the desert. We feel that we are a part of him and we are made stronger by his strength, made more faithful by his faith, and able to face what comes next.

Our Lenten sacrifice teaches us that as Jesus suffered for us we are to suffer for others. We should understand that people around us who do not know Jesus need to see our faith to help them survive this world. They often have no hope and live lives that have no meaning. That is what the devil wanted of Jesus in the desert. He did not necessary want to do him physical harm he want Jesus to give up his faith and belief in Almighty God. He wanted him to curse God. He wanted our Lord to abandon all he knew to be true and follow a false god. But our lord was strong in his faith and remained steadfast in the face of Satan until he retreated in shame.

As he suffered in the desert so we too must suffer. We must realize that after the darkness there is a new dawn for us and that dawn is Easter Day.

God Bless

+Rommie Starks