From the Bishop




This past year has been without doubt, one of the strangest years most of us have ever known. But we need to remember that The King of Kings and Lord of Lords also was born into unusual times.

The moment that would change the world forever took place not in a magnificent cathedral, or a palace, or even in a rented room. The one who would save mankind from sin and death was born to a virgin mother. His small body was laid in a crib lined with straw.  He was surrounded by shepherds and barnyard animals. His birth took place in a dirty lean-to where most people would never have stepped foot. Our Lord’s parents were of no social standing. They held no power or position in the world. He was born a common man.

Our Lord and Saviour came into the world to save us. He came into this world as one of us. He was born equal to us – not rich nor powerful.  His birth took place in this manner, so that we might understand His mission. He lived and died as one of us and for each of us.

Today, He still lives for us in heaven and offers forgiveness for our sins. He offers every man and woman a place with Him at the throne of His Father.

So, let us live in these troubling times as He would have us live. As Christians, we must be instruments of His peace, love and compassion in even the darkest of hours.  Stand strong, strengthen by the grace offered to all men by His birth. Spread His love to all those who are in sorrow and need.  Spread the love that caused the Father in heaven to send His only Son into a troubled world – not to save Himself but to save you and me.


Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas

+Rommie M Starks

Bishop of the Midwest