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My Dear Friends


Easter – Tide 2019


Dear Friends:

Once again we have passed from the sacrifice of Lent into the Glory of the Resurrection.  The dark shadows of Christ’s suffering have faded in the light of His conquering power. One of the most powerful Easter Narratives is St. Luke’s account of the appearance of the Risen Christ to His followers on the Emmaus Road.  In this setting we see two men walking along the long lonely road. They are talking about the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus. Their concern seems to be more then that of a passing interest. By the way they talk each one must have personally known our Lord.

Then “Jesus Himself drew near.”  He was close enough to touch them and yet they did not know who he was.

I often wonder if we as Christians would know Jesus Christ if He were to walk amoung us.  Many would say “of course, I wait with joy to see Christ.” But think for a moment, would we recognize Him. If He were standing on the street corner or in the mall would we fall down to worship Him? And if we did not know Him would we believe the story of a woman, who living in obscurity, became pregnant by the overshadowing of the Holy Ghost, and then claimed that this child was the Saviour of the world? Or would we believe His claims later in life that he was the Son of the living God, and that He had the power to save men from their sins? When people started talking about healings and miracles would we try to explain them as scientific fact or as acts of God the Saviour?

What would you believe?

Years ago, I remember a friend asking me why I had gone to see the stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  I answered “why not?”  His response was,  “I think it is an affront to Christianity.”  I agreed, it lacks the reverence due to the life and Cruxifation of Christ and it neglects the truth of the Resurrection. But, it does represent the way most people of that time preceived the Christ. If we, today, did not have two thousand years of expierence behind and all the teaching of the Apostles and scholars since that time we would probably act the same way with scoffing and disbelief to the claims of this mad man.

Just as the two men along the road did not realize the Son of God stood in their midst neither do we with our vast knowledge see Christ in our lives.  Lets us pray that the sacrifices we have made during Lent will cause us to be more aware of the Saviour who stands in our midst. Pray that on that Easter morning our eyes will be opened that we will know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, the Son of our Father in Heaven and the giver of eternal life.

May the joy of Easter remain yours always.

+ Rommie Michael Starks

Bishop of the Midwest












+Rommie M. Starks








God Bless +Rommie Starks