From The Rector!

Dear Friends and Members of St. Edward’s

We are now in the glad and joyful season of Christmas. In the church this season does not begin until the great Christ Mass, the first mass of Christmas. It stretches until we begin our preparations for Lent. During this season we celebrate the feasts of many great saints such as St. Stephen, the Proto Martyr and St. John, Apostle and Evangelist. We also celebrate the feast of the Epiphany with its observance of the coming of the Wise Men from the East and of other manifestations of Christ to the world.

Nevertheless, during the Christmas season we celebrate first and foremost the great mystery of the Incarnation. It is this glorious mystery that gives meaning and sense to all our preparations.

Christmas is the annual observance of the mystery of God made man. No, we do not celebrate some vague good will or merely the birth of another man-child. We celebrate the fact that “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” If we keep this one lesson constantly before us, then our Christmas celebration will be truly merry for this news is indeed fit to be a great joy to all people. With our hearts infused with this great truth, even the secular celebrations, the feasts and the gifts and the cups of good cheer will take on a meaning and a great gladness they could not otherwise know.

The Very Rev’d and Dean Charles King. Ph. D.