Wednesday – Saturday, Morning Prayer 10:15 am, Mass 10:30 am

Sunday – Morning Prayer 9:00 am, Mass 9:30 am

For additional service times please call 317-253-3949



St. Margaret, Queen and WidowSt. Margaret’s Guild is a service oriented group comprised of all the women of the parish. Activities include; participation in the Threads of Love program, which provides burial gowns and clothing for still-born infants; Clothing for Haiti, which provides children’s clothing for the ACC school in Mononville, Haiti; volunteer work at the Ronald McDonald House facility at Riley Children’s hospital; organization of the Church school for children; and other activities such as Pro-Life events, craft sales, community picnics, and St. Edward’s Food Pantry.

St. Margaret’s Guild meets monthly to discuss and coordinate upcoming events and to engage in fellowship and prayer.




St. Charles, King and MarytrThe Knights of King Charles includes all the men of the parish. The group meets monthly, on the same evening as St. Margaret’s Guild.






CHURCH SCHOOL (Sunday School Classes for Children and Adults)

Church Schools is for both adults and children and is held each Sunday after the primary Mass. The Adult Class is taught by one of the clergy about subjects that may include topics such as; an explanation of the vestments worn by the priest during service; a look at a particular  period in the history of the Church; a discussion on a particular Church doctrine; or an examination of the life of a particular Apostle.

The women of St. Margaret’s Guild are responsible for conducting classes for children. During these classes children will learn the Lord’s Prayer, the Nicene and Apostles Creeds, the Ten Commandments and other pertinent subjects as appropriate to their age.


St. Edward’s Book Club is now being held on the first Monday of the month (unless otherwise scheduled). We read and discuss classic Anglican authors and how their writings relate to today’s mind. If interested please call for the current book and time of meeting.

Classes for inquirers are held on weekday evenings and scheduled based on demand. Confirmation classes for all are available as the need arises.


MusicMusic We are commanded by Holy Scripture to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord”. Music is therefore a very important component of the worship at St. Edward’s. Each Sunday Mass is enhanced by hymns from the 1940 Hymnal, and the Mass itself is sung using either the “Missa de Angelis” or the traditionally Anglican settings by Healey Willan or John Merbecke.

St. Edward’s is blessed to have Mrs Harriet King and Mr. Robert Fechtman as Organists for our Sunday worship. Additional vocal assistance is provided by Mr. Stephen Caverlee who serves as cantor.